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11 days ago

What is your name?



What is your Username? 



How old are you (Age requirement is 16)?



How long have you been playing this server?

A few months or so


What are your Past Experience's?

I am a mod on a discord server and have been class president in real life and use to run a club


What is your reason for applying?

because i feel like i can help here


Are you Mature enough for staff?

yes if i need to be


Do you have a Microphone?



Can you use it?



Do you have discord? if so what is it?

Jester Of Spades #5966




Why should we Hire you?

Because i can be on for almost the whole day unless school and other activities but i usually have no life other then school


How can you be helpful towards the server?

I can Build (not great mind you) and i can Mod chat and or help others with lost items if they can show proof


Will you put players before gameplay and how?

Yes and if someone needed my help for an hour or more i will help themand i wont say well that sucks for you and just go back to playing


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