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17 days ago
Lemon_Meringues application

What is your name? Cara

What is your Username? Lemon_Meringue

How old are you (Age requirement is 16)? Turn 14 on Friday also work is my sostee

How long have you been playing this server? 1 or 2 years

What are your Past Experience's? I was a modoratir on this server when Otto was in charge when my sis took over I never got back to applying because I in real life situations 

What is your reason for applying?i want to help people out 

Are you Mature enough for staff?yes

Do you have a Microphone?yes

Can you use it?yes

Do you have discord? if so what is it? Lemon_Meringue


Why should we Hire you? Because I have had past expirences on this server I know basic commands and can be very helpful for answering questions and listening 

How can you be helpful towards the server? I can help people out answer questions they may have help build spawn or build shops help do some other type of things they you guys may help with

Will you put players before gameplay and how? Yes I didn’t expect not to when I’m applying to be moderator. I will keep and I out for people who have questions I will stop what I am doing and come help them. I will be on the server for long amount of time a day mostly on the weekends or after practice which is almost over.

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