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Ocean Horror Graphics App

What is your name?: Brian Pham

What is your Username?: Ocean_Horror

How old are you (Age requirement is 16)?: 16 (Lucky me)

How long have you been playing this server?: Around 1-2 weeks

What are your Past Experience's?: (Assuming this means staff) I am on the graphics team for a minecraft server and I am on the graphics team for an organization called Arland Creations. I have also been admin/mod on other servers but feel like that's not as important for what I'm applying for.

Here is my art portfolio:

What is your reason for applying?: I hope this doesn't come off offensive, but the website it a bit bland, and there are a lot of things I feel that should be added. For example, I think the shop should be here, and I had myself ask the question of what product are people recieving when they buy a rank, so I want those things on here.

Are you Mature enough for staff?: I do believe so.

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes

Can you use it?: Yes

Do you have discord? if so what is it?: Ocean Horror#6031


Why should we Hire you?: I want to help this server. I think that having clarity for your ranks will incline more people to buy them.

How can you be helpful towards the server?: I want to make quality of life changes to the website, and I've been getting along with the players well, so I hope to help them out.

Will you put players before gameplay and how?: For the most part, I've seen people be friendly here, but I would make sure to diffuse any situation.

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