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22 days ago
QuothTheRavens Appication

My name is Raven

My username is QuothTheRavens

I am 19

I have been playing on this server since day one, I was also on this servers previous version for a few months.

I have been playing minecraft since alpha and I have also co-owned and helped build a hungergames map in a hexxit server.

I have been playing on this server almost every day and I'd love to help moderate and to expand on whats possible with the spawn shops.

I think that if I'm mature enough to hold a job and go to college at the same time I'm mature enough for anything.

I do.

I would rather not.

I do. It is QuothTheRavens#4540


I will be on almost every night and I'd love to be able to help new players and a moderator or trainee title would help them to trust me. I can also speak limited german and am currently learning japanese.

I'd like to help out new players with the first few steps of the diffrent mods, I'd also like to help expand spawn as I feel as it is slightly neglected.

Of course, I already want to set up a system where I can supply all new players with guide books.

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