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Community Rules


Server Rules

1) No cheating or griefing. No hacking in PvP The use of any client modifications that cheat the game play is strictly forbidden. Don't exploit the game mechanics to get an unfair advantage over other players, or use any exploits. Please report exploits and server bugs - do not abuse them!

2) Be nice to other people! Meanness to other players, or excessive non-constructive criticism about the server, is considered toxic behavior. Toxic players can be muted or permanently banned. Disrespecting or lying to the staff can also result in a ban.

3) No spam. Don't put any server IPs in the chat or you will immediately be banned! URLs are also not allowed in the chat. The only exception to this rule is the posting of MCA: A Forgotten Era-related links for the purposes of helping players get to the information they are asking for.

4) Do not ask for items, ranks or /op. If you want to help the community, find the 'Application' link at the website to apply. You can also give a donation for any rank, at our shop. Don't impersonate an Owner, Admin, Mod or any staff member. Please note that common sense with these rules should be considered. We reserve the right to punish players that we feel are damaging the experience for other players.


Forum's Rules

1) No Necro posting. Very short or useless topics and replies will be removed. Do not create short new topics, the content of which is short enough to put in the Shoutbox, or send a private message to a particular player.

2) No unnecessary responses / Grave digging. You do not need to make short answers to each topic. This can be irritating to everyone.

3) No heated debates. Do not use the forums as a dispute-chat service. If the responses become negative, the thread will be locked / deleted at any time.

4) Do not start or perpetuate arguments. It's fine to talk and discuss things, but keep it civil. If it gets out of control, and staff should participate, there will be consequences.

5) Do not create alternative accounts. You are allowed ONE Forum's account, and that is your own. There's no reason you have to make another, unless specifically allowed by staff. Accounts created to avoid a forum ban, or to troll other players will lead to a ban on your IP address.

6) Do not post any pornographic images or links, or anything that may be illegal or cause problems for our site.  Do not post or promote fundraisers (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc). This rule stands regardless if it is your own fundraiser or hosted by any other person or organization.

7) Do not post any topics related to politics.

8) Do not create threads stating that you are leaving from the server. This creates unnecessary drama, and will grant a permanent ban on the servers and forums.

9) Never blatantly disrespect the staff or any other player. Just like in the game, rudeness and malicious trolling will not be tolerated. Pretend to get along or ignore people if necessary.

10) Do not disturb other players. If a player asks you to stop talking to them or bringing them up, stop doing it.  No one should be made to feel uncomfortable.

11) Hate speech will never be tolerated.

12) Do not spam.


Discord Rules

1) Keep topics to their respective chat, no memes in general.

2) Respect each other, we all have our own opinions.

3) No racist/discriminatory content, this includes messages, voice, and memes.

4) Do not use voice changers or ear rape in voice chats, that is a punishable offence.

5) Any staff found breaking the rules will be demoted and returned to normal member status.

6) You can debate civilly, but no ranting arguments. It's not worth anyone's time.

7) We are all family, so if you have an issue about the rules please tell a staff. We are here to help.